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waxing your upper lip

If you are a little nervous about waxing your upper lip! we give you professional tips ... At Defrenza Salon, we've done a perfect job every time. "BOOKING'S ESSENTIAL" ‪#‎defrenzasalongymea‬ More

Don’t worry gentlemen

Don't worry gentlemen, we haven't left you out. In fact, you'll find the hottest styles (plus product recommendations and styling tips) for all hair lengths and types. More

Facial Wax

FACIAL WAX "Smooth finish you want" A Good skin care has the power to transform a person and how they feel about themselves. ... We strive to make people feel their best every day. Call for an appointment ‪#‎defrenzasalongymea‬ More

Do you love colouring your hair

Call for an appointment or book online at De Frenza Salon website. Do you love colouring your hair, but worry about potential damage and colour loss or fade? ... When the seasons change to autumn and winter, damaged hair feels the transition too! ... Gloss your hair with L'Oréal® tones. ‪#‎defrenzasalongymea‬ More

Ombré reinvented with highlights

Ombré reinvented with highlights, for a personalised and multidimensional result For hair that looks richer and more natural than ever thought possible. ..WE achieve natural looking results, every time! ‪#‎defrenzasalon‬ More


I am offering a $25 GIFT VOUCHER for every New client. I am also offering $25 GIFT VOUCHER to all my loyal clients, for every New Client you forward to us. Redeem Now: http://tinyurl.com/q7yq7nk Anita Defrenza "Creative Director" ‪#‎defrenzasalongymea‬ More

switch the lights on in your hair

Are you ready to switch the lights on in your hair? Before you dip your colouring brush into white blonde, you may want to consider some streaks. A streak of colour in your hair is the perfect thing to do, adding amazing highlights and lively bounce; now that we're (hopefully) heading into spring! ‪#‎defrenzasalongymea‬ More

Layered Long Hair with Bangs

Layered Long Hair with Bangs.. Long flowing hair can be amazingly beautiful, but oh-so-boring if you don’t ever do anything with it. Mix things up just a bit by adding bangs! ‪#‎defrenzasalongymea‬ More