Golden, Honey, Caramel – Hair Colour

Golden Brown Hair Colour

Golden brown hair colour is a warm and friendly shade—it’s beautiful on people with peachy or golden skin and warm brown or warm green or hazel eyes.  Consider following actress Emma Watson’s example of adding some dark golden blonde highlights to your golden brown hair colour for a beautiful colour combination.

Honey Brown Hair Colour

Honey brown hair colour, with its warm, tawny hue, is the perfect balance between light brown hair colour and dark blonde hair colour.  Consider this shade if you have a fair complexion and light eyes.  It’s also beautiful on a deeper, golden complexion—think Jennifer Lopez!

Light Caramel Hair Colour

Light caramel brown hair colour is a warm, tawny shade.  It’s ideal for people with golden, warm complexions and warm brown eyes.  Avoid this shade if your complexion is cool or extremely fair or pink—it will clash with your skin!  This shade is also a great choice for Balayage or Ombré highlights in a darker chocolate brown base colour.




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